Hubodometer Veeder-Root 489:1 Ratio Mechanical Mile 0777717-490 Tractor Trailer Odometer

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Hubodometer Veeder-Root 489:1 Ratio Mechanical Mile 0777717-490 Tractor Trailer Odometer




NOTE. To calculate the number of revolutions per mile of your tire.1. Measure the distance from the center of the hub to the ground.

  1. Double that number (X2) and then multiply the result by 3.1416. Divide this result by 12.
  2. Divide the number 5280 by the result from step #2 (5280 ÷ #2 result). This will provide the number of revolutions your tire will make per mile.
  3. For revolutions per kilometer multiply calculate revolutions per mile by 0.621.

Veeder-Root hubodometers are used to record distance or area covered by rolling stock, primarily commercial Over-The-Road trailers, large buses and agricultural equipment.

They record every revolution in either direction. The design uses a counterbalance to prevent orbiting (which could stop measurement or undercount the distance) ensuring accurate counts at high speeds or rough terrain.


Records every revolution in both directions

Hermetically sealed with inert gas and double o-ring protection

Precision shaft supported front and rear with needle bearings

Specified by revolution per mile/kilometer - not just tire size

300,000 mile/500,000 kilometer warranty (no time limit)

Unique counterbalance design prevents orbiting - even on rough roads

Magnifying crystal enlarges digits and angles up for easier reading

















Tire Size Selection Guide

The following tire sizes are recommended for Veeder-Root Hubodometer 0777717-490:

Armstrong Premium Silent Lug 1000-20

Armstrong SD100 1000-20

Armstrong STR Traction 11 1000R20

Armstrong STR Traction 11 11R22.5

Armstrong Super Heatmaster 1000-20

Armstrong Super Heatmaster 11-22.5

Armstrong Trailer Service Special 1000-20

Armstrong Trailer Service Special 11-22.5

Armstrong TransMiler 1000-20

Armstrong TransMiler 11-22.5

  1. F. Goodrich ST230 315/80R22.5

Bridgestone L317 1000R20

Bridgestone L317 11R22.5

Bridgestone M711 1000R20

Bridgestone M711 1100R22

Bridgestone M711 11R22.5

Bridgestone M711 285/75R24.5

Bridgestone M720FE 285/75R24.5

Bridgestone M722 1000R20

Bridgestone M722 11R22.5

Bridgestone M722 295/80R22.5

Bridgestone M725 11R22.5

Bridgestone M726 11R22.5

Bridgestone M726 285/75R24.5

Bridgestone M747 18R19.5

Bridgestone M747 385/65R22.5

Bridgestone M747 445/75R19.5

Bridgestone M748 385/65R22.5

Bridgestone M757 315/80R22.5

Bridgestone M810 11R22.5

Bridgestone M822 11R22.5

Bridgestone M840 1000R20

Bridgestone M840 11R22.5

Bridgestone M843 11R22.5

Bridgestone M847 18R19.5

Bridgestone M857 18R19.5

Bridgestone M857 315/80R22.5

Bridgestone M857 385/65R22.5

Bridgestone M857 445/65R19.5

Bridgestone R160 385/65R22.5

Bridgestone R250F 1100R20

Bridgestone R290 1100R20

Bridgestone R294 315/80R22.5

Bridgestone S740 11R22.5

Bridgestone SLM 11-22.5

Bridgestone U Traction 1000-20

Bridgestone U Traction 11-22.5

Bridgestone VSS 1000R20

Bridgestone VSS 11R22.5

Bridgestone Z Lug 1000-20

Bridgestone Z Rib 1000-20

Continental HC51 315/80R22.5

Continental HD70 315/80R22.5

Continental HD75 315/80R22.5

Continental HD82 285/75R24.5

Continental HMS45 315/80R22.5

Continental HS41 315/80R22.5

Continental HS45 315/80R22.5

Continental HS62 385/65R22.5

Continental HS65 385/65R22.5

Continental HT63 385/65R22.5

Continental RS416 1100R20

Continental RS416 12R22.5

Cooper CXML440 11R22.5

Cooper CXML440 285/75R24.5

Cooper HiWay Service 11-22.5

Cooper Mastercraft H/T 1000-20

Cooper Mastercraft H/T 11-22.5

Cooper RoadGrip ST 1000-20

Cooper RoadGrip ST 900-20

Cooper RoadMaster 1000-20

Cooper RoadMaster 11-22.5

Cooper RoadMaster PV 11-22.5

Cooper RoadMaster Trailer 1000-20

Cooper RoadMaster Trailer 11-22.5

Cooper RoadMaster XML 1000-20

Cooper RoadMaster XML 900-20

Cooper RoadMaster XMT 1000-20

Cooper RoadMaster XMT 11-22.5

Cooper Super Road Service 1000-20

Cooper Super Road Service 11-22.5

Cooper Trailer Service 1000-20

Cooper Trailer Service 11-22.5

Dayton Premium ESD 1000-20

Dayton Premium ESD 11-22.5

Dunlop 3 Rib HiWay 11-22.5

Dunlop HiWay Rib 1000-20

Dunlop HiWay Rib 11-22.5

Dunlop SP150 12R22.5

Dunlop SP156 1100R20

Dunlop SP160 1100R20

Dunlop SP160 12R22.5

Dunlop SP160 315/80R22.5

Dunlop SP221 385/65R22.5

Dunlop SP221 385/75R22.5

Dunlop SP231 385/65R22.5

Dunlop SP280 1000R20

Dunlop SP280 11R22.5

Dunlop SP321 1100R20

Dunlop SP321 12R22.5

Dunlop SP431A 285/75R24.5

Dunlop SP811 1100R20

Dunlop SP880 11R22.5

Dunlop SP889 11R22.5

Dunlop SP931 1000R20

Dunlop SP931 11R22.5

Dunlop Triple Traction 1000-20

Firestone Duplex 2000 15R22.5

Firestone FS507 11R24.5

Firestone HP 2000 1100R20

Firestone HP 2000 315/80R22.5

Firestone HP 3000 1100R20

Firestone HP 3000 12R22.5

Firestone HP 3000 315/80R22.5

Firestone HP 3000 385/65R22.5

Firestone HS45 315/80R22.5

Firestone PowerDrive 1000-20

Firestone PowerDrive 10-22.5

Firestone PowerDrive 11-22.5

Firestone Rib Duplex 15-22.5

Firestone Rib Duplex 18-19.5

Firestone Super All Traction Duplex 15-22.5

Firestone Super All Traction Duplex 18-19.5

Firestone Super All Traction ND 1000-20

Firestone T506 1000R20

Firestone T506 11R22.5

Firestone T575 1100R20

Firestone T575 12R22.5

Firestone T663 11R22.5

Firestone T819 1100R20

Firestone T823 1000R20

Firestone T823 11R22.5

Firestone T831 1000R20

Firestone T831 11R22.5

Firestone T839 385/65R22.5

Firestone Transport 1 1000-20

Firestone Transport 1 11-22.5

Firestone Transport All Traction 1000-20

Firestone Transport APS 11-22.5

Firestone UT2000 315/80R22.5

General Ameri DCL 1000-20

General Ameri MSL 12R22.5

General Ameri MSL 315/80R22.5

General Ameri MSL 385/65R22.5

General Ameri SRF 11-24.5

General AmeriFreight 11-22.5

General AmeriJumbo JC 15-22.5

General AmeriJumbo SAG 15-22.5

General AmeriJumbo SAG 18-19.5

General AmeriLug DT 1000R20

General AmeriLug DT 11R22.5

General AmeriSteel 1100R20

General AmeriSteel 12R22.5

General AmeriSteel 315/80R22.5

General AmeriSteel 385/65R22.5

General Super All Grip 1000-20

Goodyear Custom Cross Rib 1000-20

Goodyear Custom HiMiler 18-19.5

Goodyear Custom HiMiler SS 18-22.5

Goodyear D805 11R22.5

Goodyear Extra Grip HiMiler 1000-20

Goodyear Super HiMiler 11 1000-20

Goodyear Super HiMiler 11 11-22.5

Goodyear Super HiMiler 11-22.5

Goodyear Traction Road Lug SS 15-22.5

Goodyear Unisteel 11 1100R20

Goodyear Unisteel 11 12R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G143 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G144 1000R20

Goodyear Unisteel G144 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G159 385/65R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G165 385/65R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G167A 1000R20

Goodyear Unisteel G167A 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G167A 285/75R24.5

Goodyear Unisteel G177 1000R20

Goodyear Unisteel G177 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G186 315/80R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G186 385/65R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G188 1000R20

Goodyear Unisteel G188 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G244 (MSD) 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G286 1000R20

Goodyear Unisteel G286 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G286SS 385/65R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G291 305/75R24.5

Goodyear Unisteel G291 315/80R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G302 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G328 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G328 285/75R24.5

Goodyear Unisteel G362 11R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G362 285/75R24.5

Goodyear Unisteel G386 1100R20

Goodyear Unisteel G386 315/80R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel G391 315/80R22.5

Goodyear Unisteel TDA 11R22.5

Hankook AM01 315/80R22.5

Hankook DW01 11R22.5

Hankook F19 315/80R22.5

Hankook F20 1100R20

Hankook F20 12R22.5

Hankook F22 1100R20

Hankook F22 12R22.5

Hankook F22 315/80R22.5

Hankook F25 1100R20

Hankook F26 315/80R22.5

Hankook F40 15R22.5

Hankook F40 385/65R22.5

Hankook F5 1000-20

Hankook F8 1000-20

Hankook S51 1000R20

Hankook S51 11R22.5

Hankook T25 1000R20

Hankook T25 11R22.5

Hankook Z35A 285/75R24.5

Hankook Z37 315/80R22.5

Hankook Z38 1100R20

Hankook Z38 12R22.5

Hankook Z40 15R22.5

Hankook Z40 385/65R22.5

Hankook Z49 1000R20

Hankook Z49 11R22.5

Hankook Z49 285/75R24.5

Hankook Z59 1000R20

Hankook Z59 11R22.5

Hankook Z59 285/75R24.5

Hankook Z59 295/80R22.5

Hercules DDT 285/75R24.5

Hercules HDTL 1000-20

Hercules Hercumile 11 1000-20

Hercules HiWay Rib 8218 1000-22

Hercules STL Lug 900-20

Hercules Super Drive Lug 1000-20

Hercules Super Express 11 1000-20

Hercules Super Express 11 11-22.5

Hercules Trailer Service 1000-20

Kelly ADP 1000R20

Kelly ADP 11R22.5

Kelly Custom Armor Trac 1100R20

Kelly H/D Explorer Trac 1000-20

Kelly KDA 11R22.5

Kelly KDM-1 1000R20

Kelly KDM-1 11R22.5

Kelly KDM-LP 285/75R24.5

Kelly KTM 11R22.5

Kelly Registered Drive Trac 1000-20

Kumho 934 1000R20

Kumho 934 11R22.5

Kumho 945 285/75R24.5

Kumho 958 385/65R22.5

Kumho 961 315/80R22.5

Lee/Star Milemark MST 1000-20

Lee/Star Milemark PHL 1000-20

Lee/Star Milemark PHR 1100-20

McCreary Super Miles 1000-20

McCreary Super Miles 11-22.5

McCreary Super Transport 1000-20

McCreary Super Transport 11-22.5

McCreary Superlug Express 1000-20

Michelin PXD1 275/80R24.5

Michelin PXZA 305/75R24.5

Michelin PXZA(1) 315/80R22.5

Michelin PXZY 315/80R22.5

Michelin PXZY 385/65R22.5

Michelin XD-1 11R22.5

Michelin XD-1 275/80R24.5

Michelin XDA-2 11R22.5

Michelin XDA-2 275/80R24.5

Michelin XDE 11R22.5

Michelin XDE 12R22.5

Michelin XDHT 11R22.5

Michelin XDHT 275/80R24.5

Michelin XDL 1000R20

Michelin XDL 11R22.5

Michelin XDY 1000R20

Michelin XDY(1) 11R22.5

Michelin XZ2 12R22.5

Michelin XZA 1100R20

Michelin XZA 12R22.5

Michelin XZA 315/80R22.5

Michelin XZE 12R22.5

Michelin XZY 315/80R22.5

Michelin XZY 385/65R22.5

Michelin XZY 445/65R19.5

Michelin XZY-1 12R22.5

Michelin XZY1 315/80R22.5

Ohtsu B1-807D 1000R20

Ohtsu B1-807D 11R22.5

Ohtsu B1-807D 285/75R24.5

Ohtsu R100 11-22.5

Ohtsu R1-117 315/80R22.5

Ohtsu R1200 1100R20

Ohtsu R150 1000-20

Ohtsu R150 11-22.5

Ohtsu R310 1000-20

Ohtsu R310 11-22.5

Pro-Par Custom EDL 10-22.5

Pro-Par Custom EDL 900-20

Pro-Par Pro Steel 11 Rib 1000R20

Pro-Par Pro Steel 11 Rib 11R22.5

Pro-Par Pro Steel 11 Traction 1000R20

Pro-Par Pro Steel 11 Traction 11R22.5

Remington 680 Steel Radial 1000R20

Remington 680 Steel Radial 11R22.5

Remington M90A Radial 1000R20

Remington M90A Radial 11R22.5

Remington Plus Mileage Rib 1000-20

Remington Plus Mileage Rib 11-22.5

Remington R425 11R22.5

Remington R775 1000R20

Remington R775 11R22.5

Remington Roadhandler Lug 1000R20

Remington Roadhandler Lug 11R22.5

Remington Roadhandler Rib 1000R20

Remington Roadhandler Rib 11R22.5

Sumitomo ST200 11-22.5

Sumitomo ST201 1000-20

Sumitomo ST202 1000-20

Sumitomo ST502 1000-20

Sumitomo ST508 1100R20

Sumitomo ST518 315/80R22.5

Sumitomo ST701 1000-20

Sumitomo ST701 1000-22

Sumitomo ST701 11-22.5

Sumitomo ST718 315/80R22.5

Sumitomo ST720 385/65R22.5

Sumitomo ST727 1100R20

Sumitomo ST727 12R22.5

Sumitomo ST738 1100R20

Sumitomo ST738 12R22.5

Sumitomo ST77 1000-20

Sumitomo ST77 11-22.5

Sumitomo ST770 385/65R22.5

Sumitomo ST818 1000R20

Sumitomo ST900 1000R20

Sumitomo ST900 11R22.5

Sumitomo ST908 11R22.5

Sumitomo ST908 285/75R24.5

Super Tire S/T Metal R Quadtrac 1000-20

Super Tire S/T Metal R Quadtrac 11-22.5

Super Tire S/T Metal R Trimax 1000-20

Super Tire S/T Metal R Trimax 11-22.5

Super Tire S/T Pr. Highway Rib 1000-20

Super Tire S/T Pr. Highway Rib 11-22.5

Super Tire S/T Safety Rib 1000-20

Super Tire S/T Safety Rib 11-22.5

Super Tire Super Traction SR3 1000-20

Super Tire Super Traction SR3 11-22.5

Taurus RFT1 1100R20

Taurus RFT2 1100R20

Taurus RT1 1100R20

Taurus RV1 1100R20

Taurus RVA 1100R20

Taurus Top 300 315/80R22.5

Taurus Top 400 315/80R22.5

Toyo M105Z 385/65R22.5

Toyo M110Z 315/80R22.5

Toyo M111Z 12R22.5

Toyo M111Z 315/80R22.5

Toyo M314Z 385/65R22.5

Toyo M503 11R22.5

Toyo M56A 1000R20

Toyo M56A 11R22.5

Toyo M59 1100R20

Toyo M605 1000R20

Toyo M605 11R22.5

Toyo M61 1100R20

Toyo M610Z 11R22.5

Toyo M610Z 275/80R24.5

Toyo M610Z 285/75R24.5

Toyo M610ZL 11R22.5

Toyo M610ZL 285/75R24.5

Toyo M84LA 1100R20

Toyo M84LA 12R22.5

Toyo M94 1100R20

Toyo M94 12R22.5

Toyo M94Z 12R22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Extra Miler XL 11 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich Extra Miler XL 11 11-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Extra Traction 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich Extra Traction 10-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Extra Traction 11-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Extra Traction 900-20

Uniroyal Goodrich FleetMaster Super Lug 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich Fleetmaster Super Lug 11-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich FleetMaster Triple Tread 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich Fleetmaster Triple Tread 11-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Fleetmaster Triple Tread 12-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Milesaver HDB 1000R20

Uniroyal Goodrich Milesaver HDB 11R22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Milesaver HDR 1000R20

Uniroyal Goodrich Milesaver HDR 11R22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich ND Super Traction 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich ND Super Traction 11-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Power Express 11-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Power Traction 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich Power Traction 11-22.5

Uniroyal Goodrich Traction Express Custom 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich Trans Cargo XL 1000-20

Uniroyal Goodrich XLA 1100-20

Uniroyal Goodrich XLA 12-22.5

Yokohama LY003 1000R20

Yokohama LY053 1000R20

Yokohama LY053 11R22.5

Yokohama MY243 15R22.5

Yokohama MY243 385/65R22.5

Yokohama MY507 11R22.5

Yokohama RY083C 12R22.5

Yokohama RY103 315/80R22.5

Yokohama RY203 11R22.5

Yokohama RY253 385/65R22.5

Yokohama TY033 1000R20

Yokohama TY033 11R22.5

Yokohama TY033 285/75R24.5

Yokohama TY133 285/75R24.5

Yokohama TY203A 1000R20

Yokohama TY203A 11R22.5

Yokohama TY203A 285/75R24.5

Yokohama TY303C 11R22.5

Yokohama TY303C 285/75R24.5

Yokohama TY503 11R22.5

Yokohama TY503 285/75R24.5

Yokohama Y703B 1000R20

Yokohama Y703B 11R22.5

Yokohama Y785R 1100R20

Yokohama Y785R 12R22.5

Yokohama Y793R 1100R20

Yokohama Y793R 12R22.5



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