Brand New OEM 2015-2016 Honda CR-V Display Touch Screen Radio Assembly 39100-T1W-D010-M1

  • $348.97

  • 2015-2016 Honda CR-V
  • Display Touch Screen Radio Assembly
  • 39100-T1W-D010-M1
  • NR-244KH-5CV00-T
  • NH892L


This item is sold to you AS IS and there is a 50% RESTOCKING FEE if you want to return it. You NEED to make 100% sure that THIS EXACT PART NUMBER is the item that you need to replace your radio or navigation. There are hundreds of models so just because it looks like ti will fit does not mean it will. You need to contact your dealer and get confirmation that this EXACT NUMBER is the one you need. If you don't, then you will end up getting a refund of 50% and that is only AFTER you pay to return it to me in the same condition it was shipped out.

This is a GENUINE OEM FACTORY Honda Acura DVD Navigation Assembly Unit. It is BRAND NEW, GENUINE, OEM, Factory units that came directly from the assembly line. They are BULK PACKED on pallets and yours will SHIP TO YOU LOOSE. So they are not in retail packaging, but they are 100% brand new and never used (and are directly from the Honda/Acura factory)!

***IMPORTANT: This display DOES NOT include the unlock code. So you will HAVE TO contact your local dealer to unlock it. We tested this process and it was very quick and easy and did NOT COST ANYTHING. However, your local dealer may be different than ours so we can't guarantee that they will be a good dealer and help you out like ours did!

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