Goodyear 1R9-070 Pusher Axle Air Ride Spring Bag MA207-21234 M-915 M920

  • $139.99



A Goodyear sleeve air spring will employ a flexible member without an internally molded bead. The flexmember is attached to the end of the retainers by pinching the material between the ends and the exterior crimp rings which are then adjusted to the proper diameter. There are many applications for Goodyear sleeve style airbag springs. The most common uses are ride springs for passenger cars and truck, isolators and springs for truck cab suspensions and seat springs, as well as many commonly seen industrial applications. 1R9-070 Goodyear Super-Cushion ® Air Spring will give your truck, trailer, or bus a long lasting durability and productivity to the air suspension with years of maintenance free service.


  • Top Plate Hole/Stud: 2
  • Bottom Plate Hole/Stud: 2
  • Top Plate Diameter: 7.4
  • Bottom Plate Diameter: 8
  • Collapsed Height: 5.6
  • Flexmember: 566-18-3-004
  • Piston: 566-16-7-021
  • Piston Type: C
  • Goodyear Trimmed: 1R9070

Compatible with

  • Granning: 2112
  • Firestone: 5410
  • Triangle Spring: 6389
  • Triangle Spring: 8446
  • Neway: 57005410
  • Ridewell: 1003585410C
  • Batco: 10-95410
  • Watson & Chalin: AS0029
  • Watson & Chalin: AS-0029
  • Dallas Spring: AS5410
  • Midland/Haldex: CS109070
  • Euclid/Meritor Aftermarket: E-FS5410
  • Euclid/Meritor Aftermarket: FS5410

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